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Category: Assisted Living

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Who qualifies for Assisted Living?

A mature smiling Woman in a wheelchair looks up at a friendly nurse who is offering support.

Assisted living is designed for those where a little extra help is needed with daily activities. It’s a wonderful option for individuals who wish to maintain their independence but could use support in areas such as medication management, cooking, and housekeeping. This living arrangement is ideal for those who no longer find it easy or […]

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Memory Care vs. Assisted Living: Which Is Right?

An older adult man in a memory care facility sitting on a chair smiling and having a conversation with a nurse.

As family members grow older, their care requirements can change, leading families to explore different living arrangements for their loved ones. Two popular options that often come into consideration are memory care and assisted living communities. The distinctions between assisted living and memory care involve the staff’s training level, the community’s security protocols, the variety […]

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